Company Introduction


PWSB is setup by a group of dynamic staff with skills, integrity and passion. They are committed to make difference and provide consistent services and quality management skills for your best.

We are supported by a strong management team comprising people with relevant financial and technical experience.

We also take pride in our team of highly dedicated professionals, which allow us to cater the up market segment of financial and property market.

Peta Wira Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 27 March 2015, to position themselves in the business activities such as project management consultant, funding/investment consultant agency and project delivery partners.

Since then the business in the selected sector such as consultancy and finance has shows some positive sign for company to expand further.

Peta Wira Sdn. Bbhd. emphasised on smart partnering strategy for its business and its project procurement.

To date it has undertaken a few feasibility studies for high education facilities, Petroleum refinery project, property development, hotels and telecommunication project.

Our Vision

To be the premier specialize services provider in South East Asia

Our Objectives

To provide a cost-effective one stop financial advisory, PMC & PDP

Company Philoshopy


Total Responsibility and Integration

The design and build method gives total responsibility for the design and construction entrusted to entity. One entity, one organization for the entire-project – no dividend responsibilities with resultant problems. It is coordinated team approach.

The design and build team works with your management and key personnel to identify your needs and also to provide counsel on decision that can affect design, performance, delivery and cost. We built projects as well we design them, so we have accurate costs base on actual experience. Design and construction and cost knowledge are focused in cooperative team effort, to ensure delivery meets the client’s stringent expectations. The cooperative effort under the design and build concept permits the whole schedule of works to be completed smoothly and multi tasks performed from a single point approach.

Safety and Health

We at Peta Wira Sdn Bhd is committed to achieving the highest standards safety at all our project sites. Safety, health and welfare of our employees, customers, contractors and the general public are paramount to us and is one aspect of our business that can never be compromised.

The safety and health policy are equally important to other objectives of our business and that is the reason why we provide and maintain a working environment for persons at work that is safe and without risk to health, with adequate arrangements for welfare of such person.

Quality Policy and Objectives

We envisage to deliver high quality and professional services in each single project that we undertake. We emphasis on dyanmism, competency, timeliness and efficiency to fulfill our client’s demands.

We are also committed to ensure the needs and requirements of our clients are fully meet their satisfaction.

Customer Relationship

At Peta Wira Sdn Bhd, we have set in place methods, policies and procedures to provide and ensure high level of customers to the products and services offered by us, to encourage customer retention.

We excel providing customer assistance on a variety of levels and we have competent people to advise client’s on various issue from planning, design, concept, constructions and finishes. These level are usually classified into three main categories, usually referred to as operational, collaborative and analytical. It is our business strategy to ensure ongoing rapport with our customer base.

Business Registration